Danushka Bollegala

PhD (Information Science and Technology),
Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science,
The University of Liverpool.

RM 224, Ashton Building, Ashton Street, Liverpool, L69 3BX, UK.
Phone: +44-1517954283
Mail: danushka (dot) bollegala (atmark) liverpool.ac.uk
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I am Danushka Bollegala, a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at the Department of Computer Science, The University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. See my short vita.

I am also a member of the Institute for Risk and Uncertainty of the University of Liverpool, and Global Research Center for Big Data Mathematics National Institute of Informatics (NII), and an associate member of the Enginnering and Physical Science Research Council's (EPSRC) Peer Review College. I hold visting fellowships at School of Informatics at University of Sussex and National Institute of Informatics. I am a science advisor to Cookpad.

My research interests are Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. I am particularly interested in how the meaning of words and sentences used by humans can be represented in a format that could be understood by machines such as computers or robots. This subfield of AI is called natural language processing. Human languages are ambigous, use complex syntactic structures and require knowledge not necessarily explicitly stated in order to fully understand. What does it mean to understand human languages by a computer afterall? This is a question that fuels my research.

I have worked on various topics related to above fields such as measuring semantic and relational similarity from Web data, domain adaptation, sentiment analysis, social media, personal name disambiguation, name alias extraction, and information ordering in multi-document text summarization.

For an overview of my research activities please see here. I have published my work in various conferences in Web, AI and NLP fields. See my list of publications. I teach Data Mining in the graduate school. Details about the members of my current research group can be found here.

I have experience in industrial collaborations in the form of startups, knowledge transfer partnetships and consultencies. If you are interested in discussing such industrial collaborations please feel free to contact me.

Books written by me