Machine Learning Research Group


The members of the Machine Learning group are listed here


The announcements of the MK meetings, talks, slides etc. will be made available through the MS Teams channel (internal only). If you would like to give a talk please contact Danushka.

(Room keys: 2.08 Ashton Building 2nd floor meeting room, 1.01 Ashton Building 1st floor meeting room, 5.07 EEE 5th floor meeting room)

April 9th11:00-12:002.08Simon HardingOpportunities to develop machine learning approaches to image analysis in diabetic retinopathy – automation, AI and deep learning
April 17th10:00-11:002.08Shan LuoRobot perception with multiple sensing inputs
April 20th11:00-12:005.07Kirkwood GraemeEPR and big data research in clinical cardiology –challenges and collaborative opportunities
April 27th11:00-12:002.08Alsuhaibani MohammedJoint learning of sense and word embeddings
May 4th11:00-12:002.08Nagesh KalakondaClonal heterogeneity in lymphoma - making sense of the data deluge
May 11th11:00-12:005.07Xia CuiSolving Feature Sparseness in Text Classification using Core-Periphery Decomposition
Sep 28th10:00-11:002.08Huda HakamiWhy does PairDiff work? – A Mathematical Analysis of Bilinear Relational Compositional Operators for Analogy Detection
Oct 12th13:00-14:002.08Takanori MaeharaStochastic Probing with Prices
Nov 23rd10:00-11:002.08Nawal AlmutriSecure Third Party Data Clustering Using Φ Data: Multi-User Order Preserving Encryption and Super Secure Chain Distance Matrices
Dec 7th11:00-12:002.08Thanh-Toan DoAn Upper Bound on the Triplet Loss for Deep Distance Metric Learning
Jan 25th10:00-11:002.08Bakhtiar AmenDirected Acyclic Graph Model for Scalable Contextual Anomaly Event Stream Detection
April 4th13:00-14:002.08Misolav TordaEvaluation of Information-Theoretic Measuresin Echo State Networks on the Edge of Stability
May 9th13:00-14:002.08Xenofon EvangelopoulosCircular object sequencing using bilevel optimization
June 3rd10:00-11:002.08Zhengyao Jiang and Shan LuoNeural Logic Reinforcement Learning
June 26th11:00-12:002.08Xianbin HongLifelong Machine Learning for Sentiment Classification
July 4th11:00-12:001.01Gaojie JinTracking Information Evolution of Hidden Representations for Neural Networks via Kernelised Vector Quantisation
July 10th10:00-11:002.08Philip SmithAn introduction to persistent homology followed by a comparison of skeletonisation algorithms
September 25th11:00-12:002.08Marco SiccardiComputational modelling for the optimisation of pharmacological therapies and prediction of drug-drug interactions
October 16th11:00-12:00EEE 5.07Nick NewArtificial Intelligence at the Speed of Light
October 23rd11:00-12:002.08 Dean’s visit to DMML
November 6th11:00-12:002.08Vadera SunilPruning Deep Neural Networks with Multi-Arm Bandits
November 20th11:00-12:001.01Gautam PalBig Data Stream Processing and Iterative Learning
January 29th11:00-12:002.08Kay O’HalloranA Multimodal Approach to Data Analytics
February 12th11:00-12:002.08Liam BrieleyCombining machine learning and genomic approaches to predict RNA virus emergence
May 13th11:00-12:00TBDMonab Elkaref (IBM)Recursive LSTM Trees for Dependency Parsing
Nov 5th11:00-12:00TBDIqra Mohammed and Michael AbahoThe Application of Machine Learning in Trials Methodology
Nov 18th11:00-12:00TBDDavid HughesFast approximate inference for multivariate longitudinal data