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Post-Doctoral Research Associates (PDRAs)

PhD Students

Past members

  • Huda Hakami (PhD: A Study on Learning Representations for Relations Between Words)
  • Xia Cui (PhD: Learning Transferable Features for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Natural Language Processing)
  • Alsuhaibani Mohammed (PhD: Joint Approaches for Learning Word Representations from Text Corpora and Knowledge Bases)
  • Abdullah Alshehri (PhD: )
  • Pavithra Rajendran (PhD: Arugument Extraction from Natural Language Texts)
  • Alessandro Torrisi (PDRA: Fletchers Digital Legal Assistant KTP Project)
  • Olga Isupova (PDRA: Fletchers Digital Legal Assistant KTP Project)
  • Richard Sloane (PDRA: WEB-RADR)
  • Joanna Hajne (PDRA: WEB-RADR)
  • Matias Garcia (PDRA: Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Riverview Law)
  • Josua Coates (MSc-2017: Adversarial Meta-Embeddings)
  • Radiya Firdous (MSc-2017: Classifier Networks)
  • Yusuke Ando (MSc-2017: Dialogue Systems)
  • Yousef Hageg (MSc-2016: Relation Extraction)
  • Gemala Yanuarita (Msc-2016: Language Modelling)
  • Vincent Atanasov (MSc-2015: Classification Networks)
  • Jiawei Zhang (MSc-2015: LSTMs for Relation Extraction)
  • Rosemary Taylor (MSc-2015: Cross-lingual Word Embeddings)